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Many businesses today are paying absorbident rates to have health insurance for their employees with little use and high deductibles that many people never reach. Businesses we work with can save $1000 of dollars a month. With Peak Wellness Center your business can save money and your employees can have better access to a healthcare provider. Better access means your employees will go to the doctor sooner, saving sick days from work. With no co-pays or deductibles your employee doesn’t have to worry about surprise cost.

Expert Healthcare

With nine healthcare professionals at Peak, our team is always available for you and your employees. With same-day appointments and urgent visits, our members dont have to worry about not getting in. We also make it easy for our members to see their provider with convenient options including video calls or in-person. We also provide in-house X-ray services and ultrasound which save our members even more. We are the only medical office in Montrose with this in-house ability.

Our most popular plan with employers is the standard plan. It cost $79 a month per employee and includes unlimited visits. The basic plan is also available and covers 4 visits a year for $39 a month. The basic plan does require a 1-year agreement so it isn’t employers’ first choice typically but can work for some. The premium plan is available for $99 a month and adds 1 free chiropractic visit a month and further discounts on other services. Our plans also include family options to go beyond the employee. Costing far less than any insurance plan a family of four can be covered for only $158 a month with unlimited visits. Or our small family plan which includes one adult and one child for only $88 a month. Our providers can care for your work family and their families.

  • Easier Access To A Provider

  • Lower Monthly Cost

  • Healthier Employees

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Employer Benefits

  • No Sign-up Fees

  • Lower Cost

  • Dedicated Account Rep

  • Simple Monthly Billing

  • Add or Remove Employees Month to Month (Excluding Basic)

  • No Enrollment Periods

  • Simple and Easy

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